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IBS Clinic Fees

If you would like to book an appointment or order a test the fastest route will be to e-mail: ibsandgut@gmail.com
Please kindly note that we are unable to offer free introductory consultations or offer advice over the phone.

What is the cost of an appointment?

The fee for the 1 hour initial consultation is £170

The fee for a 45 minute follow up consultation is £130

If you would like support on your existing plan before your next review, you can book a 15 Minute Interim Consultation £50

Follow-up consultations are typically held 3-4 weeks after the first consultation.

If you have previously done tests with other clinics and wish us to review these in advance of the consultation
The test review and 1 hour consultation £200
This includes practitioner's time reviewing your test results prior to your consultation.

Appointments are currently being held via ZOOM skype/face-time/whatsapp or telephone.

Test Fees

SIBO Breath Test (covering Hydrogen and Methane) £165

Comprehensive Parasitology Stool Test using PCR (for the detection of Parasites, Candida, Dysbiotic bacteria, friendly gut flora) £199

What happens during my first appointment?

Once you have booked your appointment, you will be sent an email including a comprehensive questionnaire and a diet diary to complete. We ask that you email these back to us prior to your appointment so we can review your case in detail.

The first appointment is up to 1 hour in length. During the consultation, we will listen carefully and try to identify any potential causes of your symptoms. After the consultation we will make dietary and supplement recommendations.

After your appointment we may also recommend functional testing as it will help us pinpoint any causes or imbalances driving your symptoms.

We may recommend diagnostics tests such as a Hydrogen Breath test to test for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, or a stool test to identify imbalances in pathogens including yeast, (candida) bacteria and parasites. Sometimes we may recommend a urine test for candida or a blood test to help identify food intolerances.

You will receive advice on the best test to conduct based on your specific case/ symptoms.

After the consultation you will receive a an e-mail with recommendations.

During follow-up appointments we will review any questions about your plan and any test results and provide detailed dietary advice and supplement advice.

e-mail: ibsandgut@gmail.com

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