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IBS Clinic Fees

What is the cost of an appointment?

The fee for the 1 hour initial consultation is £150 including VAT

The fee for Follow up consultations is £150 including VAT

Follow-up consultations are typically held 3-4 weeks after the first consultation.

1.5 hour initial consultation plus test review is £210 including VAT

This is recommended if you have already conducted tests with other clinics and want help interpreting them. This includes practitioner's time reviewing your test results prior to your consultation.

Due to Covid-19, Appointments are currently being held via ZOOM skype/face-time/whatsapp or telephone.

What happens during my first appointment?

The first appointment is 1 hour in length. During this time, we will review your symptoms in detail and make recommendations. After your appointment we may also recommend diagnostics tests such as a Hydrogen Breath test, Stool test or a blood test for food intolerances.

The tests we recommend will depend on your specific symptoms.

Once you have booked an appointment with us we will e-mail you two questionnaires for you to complete prior to your appointment. This will give us a chance to review your case in detail so we can have a good understanding of your symptoms and what your goals are.

During follow-up appointments we will review your test results and provide detailed dietary advice and supplement advice

Phone: 0345 1297996 or
e-mail: [email protected]

Feel free to call us on 0345 1297996 to have a chat so we can answer any questions.

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