The IBS & Gut Disorder Centre

Book Your Appointment

Phone: 0345 1297996 or
e:mail: [email protected]

If you would like to schedule an appointment please e-mail us or call us.

The fee for a 1-hour consultation is £125 pounds + 20% VAT
Follow-ups are 45 minutes and the fee is £100 + 20% VAT however if you have a very complex case we recommend 1 hour.

Tests are not included in the fee and will be an additional cost. Typically tests are in the region of £195

If you would like to book an appointment we will send you two questionnaires for you to complete prior to your appointment. This will give us a chance to review your case in detail so we can have a good understanding of your symptoms and what your goals are.

During your clinic or phone appointment, we will spend time getting to know more about you and your symptoms in detail.
We may recommend laboratory testing to get a good understanding of what may be the cause of your symptoms.
At the end of your consultation, you will have a clear and solid plan of the steps you need to take. We will provide a dietary and supplement regime that is tailored specifically to your case.

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